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Year 6

Mrs Trumble - Osprey Class Teacher
Mrs Guise - Osprey Class Teacher
Mrs Sutcliffe - Peregrine Class Teacher
Miss Hibbs  - Buzzard Class Teacher

Year 6 Photographs


Cardwell and Simons would normally be in school this term to take class photos but they are unable to do so due to the current situation.  We have therefore used your child’s portrait from the Autumn term to create a class photo which you can find attached.


Orders can be placed online direct with Cardwell & Simons here: using the access code which has been emailed to you.   

You can either pay to have them posted to home or collect from school free.


The closing date for orders is 1st July 2020.



We are pleased to inform you that we will soon be submitting an order for the Year 6 leavers hoodies. These will be personalised to show the first and last name of each pupil in the year group within the number ‘20’ to show the year they left primary school.  


IMPORTANT: If you do not want your child’s name on the hoodie, please contact us.


In order to help fund the Year 6 leavers hoodies, Friends of Nightingale have offered to pay £5 per child to reduce the price that we need to pay. With schools likely to reopen for Year 6 on 1st June, we will plan and complete a sponsored event next half term to fund the remaining cost of the hoodies. Last year, we managed to raise more money than we needed for the hoodies and the Year 6 children chose books to buy for the school library as a leavers gift to the school.   


We would like to place an order for the hoodies by the end of this half term, Thursday 21st May 2020, to ensure that the children will receive them before leaving primary school.  


The hoodies come in three sizes:  



Chest size

Body length

Sleeve length

9 - 11 years




12 - 13 years




Small adult





Please select the size you would like ordered for your child on the google form which you can find here by 21st May 2020. 


Yours sincerely 


Mrs Guise 

Year 4, 5 and 6 Leader 

Easter project based on 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.' Remember, if you need anything then please contact us via class dojo or through the school office and we will get back you as soon as we can. Take care and stay safe.

Home learning week 2. If your child has forgotten their times table rocks star or purple mash login details, please contact us and we'll send it to you.

Work can be found on class dojo whilst school is closed. If you cannot access it, you can download the work here:

Welcome to Year 6!


Spring Term


This term we will be learning about rainforests for our topic.  In Spring 1 our focus is on the animals and tribes within the Amazon Rainforest, while in Spring 2 our focus is on the threats to the rainforest and fair trade.



This learning will culminate in an exhibition of our learning at the end of the term, including our writing, art work and DT puppets. Parents will be invited in to look at our wonderful work and take part in an activity about fair trade.


In Literacy, the children will be reading 'The Jaguar Trials' by Ruth Eastham. They will use this book to infer about the main characters, as well as writing their own narrative. They will write information texts based on the rainforests they have researched, focusing on their use of technical language. Year 6 will also learn about the importance of Fair Trade and will write persuasive letters to encourage more supermarkets to stock Fair Trade products.




In Maths, the children will be learning about percentages and how to solve problems with these.  They will also learn about ratio, algebra and statistics.  We will also spend time revising key concepts such as place value - including decimals - and the four operations.   


The rainforest topic will continue in art where children will choose an animal to sketch in detail and then use oil pastels to focus on different parts of the animal. They will also use this animal to create moving mouth puppets which they will share with the younger children in the school. In Science, the children are going to use their learning of animals in the rainforest to look at how they have adapted to their environment and special body features they have in order to survive. We will also listen to music from the rainforest and recreate this in our own compositions. 


Our PE this term is gymnastics and invasion games. During invasion games, the children will be using all of their past knowledge to create their own games, thinking about the rules and equipment they will need to use. 


Important Days of the Week

All classes will be trying hard to exercise for 10 minutes every day in order to keep the children physically and mentally active. Children should have their PE kit in school every day and should have a white P.E. t-shirt, black, grey or navy P.E. shorts or jogging bottoms, and appropriate footwear (trainers or plimsolls). 





Autumn Term


We've got such an exciting term planned for Year 6 revolving around our key topic which is Mountains. The children will get to experience the mountain range of Brecon Beacons in Wales when they attend their residential trip. During the trip, the children will learn more about the formation and environment of mountains during a mountain walk, go canoeing and caving and develop team work skills.


Our class novel is Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. We will be using this book throughout our guided reading lessons to develop our inference skills. We will also use it throughout Literacy to inspire us to write adventure stories. We will investigate how Michelle Paver builds up characters and settings to create atmosphere and use this when writing our own.



Once again, we will be using Times Table Rock Stars as a fun tool to help children recall their times tables with speed. Throughout the year, the class will battle other classes and the results of these will be shared in Celebration Assembly. We will be revising place value of numbers this term and the written methods for the four operations through multi-step word problems.


Our topics of mountains will be used throughout all our foundation subjects. In Geography we will identify different mountain ranges around the world and understand how they were formed. In Science, we will learn about the life processes of animals and inheritance. In Art we will study the Blue Mountains in Australia and learn about tints and tones. We will then use this to create our own works of art.



Important Days of the Week

This term, we will be having swimming lessons and learning basketball.

For their P.E. lessons, children will need a white P.E. t-shirt, black, grey or navy P.E. shorts or jogging bottoms, and appropriate footwear (trainers or plimsolls). 



PE Timetable 















Swimming Timetable 










Children will be receiving homework weekly. This will be set on a Thursday and will need to be returned on a Tuesday. The homework will help the children consolidate what they have been learning in class and will consist of reading, spellings and maths. 


                        Image result for important dates to remember

* Monday 9th September - information about Brecon Beacons - 3:45pm in Osprey classroom

* Monday 16th September - Brecon Beacons residential 

* Monday 23rd September - Brecon Beacons residential