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Year 5 Return to school

Year 5 opportunity to return to School

Dear Year 5 Parents,


Thank you for your ongoing support and patience whilst we put together this information to send to you. If you are not eligible for a school place through our keyworker provision, your child would have missed 12 weeks of schooling. We are well aware of the impact this has on children’s lives and are planning for a recovery programme when they return properly in September, all being well.


In the meantime, we have been planning for a short return to school for our Year 5 pupils; a priority for us as they approach their final year at Primary School.


Following our wider opening from 1st June, we have been working within the Government’s guidelines to ensure that school is a safe place for children and staff. Detailed decisions regarding the safety of our school community has been ongoing with the capacity now to welcome your children back, with their well-being at the heart of our decisions. We have both a detailed plan, and a risk assessment, that enables us to safely welcome our Year 5 pupils back for four days.


Skylark           Monday 6th July – Thursday 9th July

Lapwing           Monday 13th July – Thursday 16th July


While I realise that there will be some reservations amongst families, please rest assured that as a school we have been operating in a different way for some time now and feedback from those families who have been able to attend has been overwhelmingly positive.


There are lots of details around their return, so please take the time to read the frequently asked questions carefully, understanding that all of these have been put in place to allow for the safety of all and smooth running of the school whilst adhering to the Government’s guidelines.


We are all extremely excited to be able to offer this to our Year 5 families and look forward to seeing them again soon.


To confirm a place for your child please complete the form here (or here   If you will not be sending your child in, the form will request that you give reasons for non-attendance.


Please also read and confirm your agreement to our COVID-19 Home School Agreement which you will be able to find here (or here


Frequently Asked Questions



What are the start and finish times?

Your child’s start and finish time differs from our usual scheduled times but promotes social distancing and minimises mixing between groups.





Finish time


Year 5



Enter through our main pedestrian entrance by The Aviary. Handover from the hall doors. Parents will need to wait on the tarmacked area.



How will the children be organised into bubbles?

Your child’s class be will spilt into two ’bubbles’. We will be organising this alphabetically. The class will be taught in the hall by Miss Jones maintaining distancing by keeping one bubble on one side and the other on the other side. At lunchtime each group will have a designated play zone which will be maintained minimising risk in the unlikely event of an infection.


Your child will also get the chance to meet and be taught by their new class teacher for September.



How should I get to and from school?

To reduce congestion and social interaction, we hope that many of you will be able to walk or cycle to school. We do ask that parents practice social distancing and leave the site as soon as possible after drop-off and avoid gatherings at entrances and school gates. Also, we are working very hard to ensure social distancing measures and minimise mixing between groups to promote the safety of your child, please bear that in mind if you are considering children walking to school together.


Entrances and exits will be sign posted to allow for the safe flow of people to and from our school site. There will be signs and staff on hand to assist and direct you. To minimise the amount of people on site, we are asking that only one parent does this hand over. We realise that families with younger siblings will need to accompany their parents during these times and of course that is fine. 



How can I communicate with the office or my child’s teacher?

Communication between staff and parents will need to be kept to a minimum. Any detailed communications can be sent to the office, via email or telephone, to be forwarded on to the relevant member of staff.



Are other adults allowed in school?

We are sorry that parents will still not be able to enter the building at present, unless this has been previously arranged with the Headteacher, Mrs Beckett. Any urgent conversations should take place by telephone or email via the office. This is in place to protect your child’s health by reducing the chance of infection spreading. Parents will only be able to access the designated drop off/collection points.



My child takes medication, what should I do?

If you have medication to drop off, please contact the school office prior to dropping off medicine so that this can be arranged.



Does my child need to wear uniform?

Children need to form a sense of belonging again, so it is important that they should be wearing school uniform which will need to be washed daily. Where this is an issue for parents, we ask that instead they wear clothes as close to our school uniform as possible. Any coats or clothing items that cannot be machine washed should be avoided.



What is happening about school lunches?  Can I give my child a packed lunch?

Our kitchen is open and will be offering a limited but still tasty and nutritious menu as always. Children do however have the option of bringing in a home packed lunch if preferred. The current dinner menu can be found here:  Payments must be made on the day or in advance.  



I currently receive Free School Meals, what should I do?

Those families eligible for Free School Meals who have opted to join the voucher scheme or receive a weekly lunch box must provide their children with a home prepared packed lunch.  If you would prefer for HC3S to provide your child with a meal, please contact the office to cancel your voucher or weekly lunchbox.  



What does my child need to bring in?

Children will be allocated their own desk and resources which will be kept consistent from day to day. 


Your child will not need to bring in anything other than the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box (if your child is not ordering a lunch from HC3S)
  • Sun hat (if the weather is due to be sunny).
  • Library book / reading books (if not already returned, to be handed in for quarantine). 


If the weather is forecast to be sunny please could you ensure your child comes to school with sun cream already applied. 



Do I have to send my child to school?

As a school, we are recommending that your child attend school for these four consecutive days. We believe that they will benefit both emotionally and socially from having some face to face teaching time. However, it is not compulsory. If they will not be attending on any day, it is important that the school is informed at the beginning of each day of absence so we can update our registers appropriately. We will undertake safeguarding calls if we are unsure where your child is and know you will understand why. Parents will not face penalty fines for non-attendance.



What if my child is already attending school under the Keyworker provision?

Your child will join their class bubble for those four days and then return to their keyworker bubble on the days their Year 5 bubbles are not running. 



How can I confirm my child’s attendance?

If you would like to confirm your child’s attendance, please complete the form which you can find here (or here



I don’t want to send my child in.  What should I do? 

Please could you complete the form which you can find here  (or here and give reasons for non-attendance.



Do I need to do anything else?

Please could you read and confirm you agree with our COVID-19 Home School Agreement which you will be able to find here (or here 



Home Learning Agreement 


As part of planning for the phased reopening of school, we have rewritten our Home School Agreement so that we all know how to support each other in making this a success. 


Please read through each section and complete the google form here to confirm your understanding and agreement to this document.  (If the link does not work please copy the following into your search browser:


The Home School Agreement can be found here: