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Picture 1 Mrs Peach - Kestrel Class Teacher
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Week Three and Four Home Learning

Happy Easter!



Below are links to all the worksheets/activities for the week beginning the 6th April and the 13th of April.  Please let your child's class teacher know if there is anything else you need, through 'Class Dojo' or by emailing the school.


Useful websites for Home Learning

Please feel free to send us any great learning via Class Dojo! 


GENERAL - useful for all subjects, it has directed games for specific learning, as well as open resources for children to choose from, including colouring and writing frames - FREE ACCESS if you sign up – useful for all subjects. Offer Code:  CVDTWINKLHELPS 


MATHS - children can use this themselves to develop addition and subtraction confidence - children can use this independently and with support to begin to learn multiplication and division facts - home learning for parents to do with children.  Videos and worksheets available! - (PAID) - interactive games for maths, free 14-day subscription, paid subscription after that. – lots of free games and learning resources 


READING – phonics (most children in Year 2 are working on Phase 4&5).                                     Username: march20             Password: home – a few interactive reading and spelling games for more confident learners - free e-books 


*Oliver Jeffers is also offering free live storytelling broadcasts every weekday at 6pm!  See his Twitter or Instagram Live. 


SPELLING – interactive reading and spelling games – a few interactive reading and spelling games for more confident learners 

Sir Linkalot (Paid - APP) – this app was recommended to me as a great tool to learn key words (Level 1 resources) - (PAID) - interactive games to learn spellings, free 14-day subscription, paid subscription after that. 


WRITING - new image each day to discuss and write about.  If you scroll down on the page, it provides lots of great prompts (including ‘Question Time!’ To discuss ideas ready for writing and ‘Sick Sentences!’ for practising editing of spelling and punctuation) 



  Year 4 2019/2020

Look at what we have been learning in each half term.


Autumn 1

What did the Romans do for us?



Our learning this term is all going to be inspired by our topic of Romans.  



We have re-launched Times Table Rock Stars this term. This is a fantastic website which encourages children to recall their times tables with speed in a fun and interactive way. Throughout the year, we will battle other classes and year groups and the results will be revealed in Celebration Assembly. Also in Maths the children consolidated their understanding of the four operations, moving from using resources to formal methods. We will be developing the children's understanding of fractions, measure and statistics. 



The children have focused on the story 'Roman Rescue' and have been writing a range of texts including an adventure story and a newspaper report. The children have worked on skills including fronted adverbials, direct speech and simple, compound and complex sentences. 



In Science, the children have carried out a range of STEM activities which develop children's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills. 





The children have looked at how the Romans lived, where they came from, how they traveled to England and what they did when they got here.  We also looked at how the native tribes in England and how they responded to the Romans.  We studied Boudicca and how she stood up to the Romans.



Autumn 2

The Victorians

Autumn 2 was full of Victorian fun including a dress up day!  



Victorian Day was great fun for all!  We dressed up in Victorian clothes and even had to pay a Victorian penny to get into school.  The teachers were very strict and the children had to behave well or they might have had to wear a Dunce hat and stand in the corner.  They might also have been given the cane!


In Maths this half term, the children continued to consolidate their understanding of the four operations, moving from using resources to formal methods. We will be developing the children's understanding of fractions, measure and statistics during this half term. 


In English, the children wrote diary entries, stories of what it would be like to be to live in Victorian times and information texts.


In History, we learnt about how Eastleigh became a town in the Victorian times and how it changed until the present day.  Through maps we looked at the key features and how they changed e.g. how the railway grew and how the town expanded in Geography.


We looked at how the Victorians celebrated Christmas, played parlor games and made Christmas decorations.




Pilgrim Fathers and the Native Americans

Picture 1
Picture 2

This half term we will be learning about The Pilgrim Fathers and Native Americans.  Did you know that the Pilgrim Fathers left from Southampton 400 years ago in September?  To celebrate their journey and the kindness of the Native Americans when they landed in the 'New World', Thanksgiving is held in the USA every year.  We learnt all about their relationship and what it is like in North America.

In Literacy, the children have been reading 'Brother Eagle, Sister Sky' by Susan Jeffers. They have used this book to infer about the main characters, as well as writing their own narrative. They have been writing non-chronological reports as well as a letter. Due to it being 400 years this year that the Pilgrim Fathers left for America, the children learnt about the importance of the Pilgrim Fathers travelling from Southampton to America.  The children wrote letters as though they were the Pilgrim Fathers writing home to their families in England.  They were fantastic letters telling them all about their adventures! 


In Maths, the children learnt about rounding numbers to the nearest whole number and how to solve problems with these.  They have continued to learn about fractions and multiplication and division.  We also spent time revising key concepts such as place value - including decimals - and the four operations.


The Native American topic continued in art where children made 'God's eyes' and dream catchers with wooden sticks. They also sketched feathers using cross hatching and other techniques to improve their work.


In Science, the children learnt about the water cycle and get to learn a fun song along with an experiment to recreate the water cycle!


In Geography, we learnt about the Continent of North America and the countries that make up the continent.  We also followed the Pilgrim Fathers journey starting from Holland all the way to the 'New World'.



We will also listen to music from the Native Americans and recreate this in our own compositions using 'Land of the Silver Birch' as a basis to our work.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

During this topic, the children designed and made their own chocolate creation!  In Literacy, they made leaflets with persuasive language to entice you to buy their chocolate bar.  They also wrote a story about them being in the chocolate factory and what they saw.



In Art, the children designed their own boxes to hold their chocolate and advertise to their audience.


In Maths, the children continued to practice multiplication and division facts to help them with their times tables.  The children also learnt how to name properties of shape and refer to their angles as obtuse, acute and right angle.

In Science the children learnt about how states of matter and looked carefully at solids, liquids and gases.  Melting chocolate was a fun way of looking at their changing states.

During this half term we practiced songs for our Year 4 play of The Three Pigs.  Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we were unable to perform the play to the school and parents.  Fingers crossed that we can do this when we go back to school.