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Inspire to Aspire

Year 3

Picture 1 Miss Anderson - Jackdaw Class Teacher
Picture 2 Miss Leech - Wren Class Teacher

Spring Term in Jackdaw, Wren and Goldfinch 


During our spring term, the children have enjoyed two fantastic topics that have enabled them to make good progress across the whole of the year 3 curriculum.



Our first topic was the Titanic where we were lucky enough to visit the Sea City Museum and learn all about the main events in the disaster of 1912. The children took part in a practical workshop, dressed up as some of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers and learnt about their roles. From this experience the children were then able to immerse themselves in their writing. The children had the opportunity to write in a number of different genres including producing a convincing poster to persuade the public to buy tickets. During the Art session the children were able to research the famous Titanic artist Ken Marshall and created a detailed pencil sketch as well as collaged an iceberg considering the texture and tones. Many of the children revelled about the drama sessions during this topic. They all experienced 1st, 2nd and 3rd class status on the ship.

It's been one of our favourite topics so far!



Spring 2 has been another wonderful term, the children have shown some inquisitive natures and thoroughly enjoyed science sessions when experimenting with eruptions. We were extremely proud of the time and effort that went into homework. We've engaged in a heated debate over whether it is safe to live near a Volcano or not. 




During our summer term, the topics we will be engaging in are the stone age and 'The great British grow off' which we are extremely excited about. 

We kick off the summer term with our trip to Butser Farm. From the experience, the children will be writing a recount.

We will also be investigating rocks in science and explore some interesting experiments.



Important information:


Spelling homework is handed out on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday ready for their test. Children are also expected to read regularly and fill in their reading diaries.  This is a vitally important part of learning for all children; the more opportunities they have to read-the better!


Things to Bring!

Swimming Kits

Wren: Wednesday

Goldfinch: Thursday

Jackdaw: Thursday and Friday.


Library Books to exchange for a new one in our library time.

Jackdaw: Monday

Wren: Thursday

Goldfinch: Friday


P.E Kits

Jackdaw: Monday and Thursday

Wren: Monday and Wednesday

Goldfinch: Wednesday and Friday