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Listen2Me Concert – Year 3


In Year 3, the children have a fantastic opportunity to learn three different instruments with the Hampshire Music Service who come in and teach part of the music curriculum.  As part of our music lessons this term, the children have been learning the Ukulele.


We would like to share our learning and perform a concert to parents at 10.45am on Thursday 2nd April in the school hall and hope you can join us. 


Many thanks for your continued support. 


Autumn Term in Jackdaw and Wren 


During our Autumn term, the children have enjoyed two fantastic topics that have enabled them to make good progress across the whole of the year 3 curriculum.



Our first topic was the Vikings. We began the term with a gruesome invasion in which the children were more thrilled about invading than they were clearing up the mess they made! They learnt all about the Viking lifestyle which enabled them to to write a fascinating information text and then make a speech persuading others to become Vikings themselves. Next we looked at Viking Gods and Goddesses where the children were asked to use their narrative skills and write the next chapter of 'Freya and the Goblins. During D.T sessions then had to design and make a chariot fit for a Viking god/goddess. They had to evaluate various vehicles to plan their own making sure it was able to move along with other chosen criteria.

As well as learning about the Vikings, the children have also been learning about the humans and animals in science and they have explored their skeletons, muscle structures and diet.



Myths and Legends 


During Autumn 2, the children have been learning about different myths and legends. The children had quite a shock at beginning when they found these mysterious eggs which we soon learnt belonged to an devastated dragon. This informed some fabulous writing of a diary entry discussing how they felt when they found them and then a set of instructions to guide someone on how to tame our ferocious beast. This inspired our art work where the children made some amazing dragon eyes using clay and a number of techniques to create different textures.


Science this term has been about light and shadows. The children have enjoyed creating shadows and experiment how the shadows grow bigger or smaller.


We finished this term with some beautiful Winter poetry and we are all getting excited for the Christmas break with singing and craft!


P.E and Music

We have been super lucky this year as we have the Hampshire Music Service come in to teach various instruments and we are currently learning the Samba percussion and next term we will be learning the ukulele. We have also been lucky to have Barton Peveril students in coaching the children in rounders. They will be returning after Christmas to coach football too.




Important information:


Spelling homework is handed out on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday ready for their test. Children are also expected to read regularly and fill in their reading diaries.  This is a vitally important part of learning for all children; the more opportunities they have to read-the better!


Things to Bring!

Swimming Kits

N/A during Spring Term


Library Books to exchange for a new one in our library time.

Jackdaw: Thursday

Wren: Tuesday



P.E Kits

Jackdaw: Monday and Wednesday

Wren: Monday and Wednesday