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Woodland Walk

Thank you For Our Woodland Walk!

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the Hampshire Fire & Rescue / Princes Trust team for giving our children a beautiful woodland walk. The group help young adults in the local community obtain further skills that will then give them the confidence to go on to work or further education. They enrol in a 12 week project in the local community. We are delighted that we were selected as a suitable location for a project and they decided to make our woodland walk a special place for the children. They researched, designed and put many hours and hard labour into creating a wonderful learning area for all to use.


We would like to thank Zoe, Jordan R, Cliff, Jordan P, Jordan H, Caprice, Hannah, Ben, Steph, Brandon, Heidi, Matt and Anna along with the team leaders Paula, David and Ryan for firstly selecting our school and secondly for all of their efforts. It is truly an imaginative and inspiring area which reflects their brilliant skills. The children will enjoy the experience of exploring this new area throughout the year. A group of children were selected today to be the first to enjoy the woodland experience and were very excited to find lots of dens, bug hotels, fairy gardens, mud kitchen and even an outdoor classroom. Thank you also to Paul at Lakewood Tree Surgeons for donating so much bark and the local B&Q for reducing the cost of materials.