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Stubbington 2017

Some of the children in Year 4 went to Stubbington Residential Centre. Please enjoy the photos taken during the week. "On Tuesday we had a fantastic day. In the morning we had lots of fun building shelters and working as a team to complete the tricky obstacle courses. At the end of our shelter building activity, the rangers tested how waterproof we were - a lot of us got quite wet! After lunch we spent the afternoon searching for tracks and signs of wildlife before making our own mammal hotels. Today we will be discovering if any mammals came to stay the night. We hope they did!"

Wednesday - "Five wood mice and a bank vole! The children learnt about adaptations by measuring the length of their body, tail and weighing them before checking their gender and deciding on a name. We then made Sophie into our own mouse!"

The other children in Year 4 had a very busy this week engaging in a lot of activities to do with the school grounds. They were also working on creating a new powerpoint of the school grounds which we hope to display on the school website once finished.