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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education


At Nightingale we recognise that the personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We aim to ensure the developments in SMSC are delivered to all our pupils through a wide range of teaching and learning experiences throughout each subject within the National Curriculum.

As a school we aim to provide learning opportunities that will enable pupils to:


Spiritually Develop

•Sustain their self-esteem in their learning experience.

•Develop their capacity for critical and independent thought.

•Foster their emotional life and express their feelings.

•Experience moments of stillness and reflection.

•Discuss their beliefs, feelings, values and responses to personal experiences.

•Form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships.

•Reflect on, consider and celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life.


Morally Develop

•Recognise the unique value of each individual.

•Listen and respond appropriately to the views of others.

•Gain the confidence to cope with setbacks and learn from mistakes.

•Take initiative and act responsibly with consideration for others.

•Distinguish between right and wrong.

•Show respect for the environment.

•Take action for justice.

•Make informed and independent judgments.


Socially Develop

•Develop an understanding of their individual and group identity.

•Learn about how they contribute to the school and wider community.

•Develop an understanding of the importance of turn taking, co-operative play, partner talk and group work


Culturally Develop

•Recognise the value and richness of cultural diversity in Britain, and how these influence individuals and society.

•Develop an understanding of their social and cultural environment.

•Develop an understanding of Britain's local, national, European, Commonwealth and global dimensions.