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Year 4 Production

Year 4 Production – Three Little Pigs


This year, Year 4 are putting on a fantastic production of ‘The Three Little Pigs'.  The children have started to learn their lines and the songs and are incredibly excited to start the rehearsals.


The performances will take place on:


Tuesday March 31st – 9.30am

Wednesday 1st April – 5.30pm (evening - after school)

Thursday 2nd April – 2.00pm


(If you have a problem bringing your children back for the evening performance please see your class teacher to arrange for your child to stay after school). 




Your child has been allocated a part in the production which they can tell you about.  For each part we have listed possible costumes below.  We have tried to keep them as simple as possible but if you have any problems with any of these, please let us know. 


Red Riding Hood  

Black leggings red cape, white shirt, small basket to carry (any problems let us know as soon as possible) 

Pig One: Dungarees, pink top, boots, pillow for under top
Pig Two: Sporty (think 118118) - Head band, sweat bands, track suit trainers 
Pig Three:   White shirt, black trouser, (think del boy) Sheep skin coat, gold chain


(Any problems please ask a member of year 4 as soon as possible)


Wolf: Black or grey, a tail, wolf mask or ears.
City people (Owl):   Black leggings or trousers a smart suit/jacket
Farm animals (Kite): Black Leggings or trousers: masks to made in school
Woodland Animals (Kestrel): Black leggings or trousers: masks to be made in school 




Tickets can be requested online via the following link however should you require a paper copy, please pop into the office.  Tickets will be issued on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so please complete the form promptly to ensure that you get the tickets for your preferred performance. All forms must be returned to the office no later than Wednesday 25th March 2020.


Due to health and safety regulations for the hall size, we cannot allow additional audience members during any performance and buggies/pushchairs will need to be kept outside.