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Welcome letter from Mrs Beckett, Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,


It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the new Headteacher of Nightingale Primary.  As the dust settles on the massive changes of the last few weeks, I approach the leadership of our school from a very different perspective; one that perhaps focuses the mind on both the sadness and suffering this pandemic brings but more importantly the hope and thanks we have for everyone doing their bit to support others, in a way that we can choose to be affirming and positive. 


Firstly, let me begin by saying what a privilege it is to have been chosen to lead this school in its next era, leading what I believe to be a school with huge potential. Nightingale is made up of many parts, of which I have been learning about in recent weeks, but what brings them all together is a strong sense of wanting to do what is right to support the children. This was evident when I first looked round the school and drew me to apply for the position of Headteacher here. 


You’ll know from Yvonne Scott’s introductory letter back in November, that this will be my second Headship. Before becoming a headteacher, I was a deputy head in two large schools in Southampton. Like with all my previous roles, I am determined to secure an excellent future for the school in the very best interest of everyone in our community. This is something we will strive to influence everyday through the care and education we offer. But one step at a time, especially within this climate! 


I have the highest expectations of all staff and children and it is my intention, by working together, that we raise standards in every area, helping our children to achieve their full potential and become successful, happy and responsible citizens. Your children are at the heart of what we do and I am excited to support them, work with them and lead them in what I believe will be a powerful and enjoyable learning environment, as well as a great place to work. However, during this time I realise patience will be a necessity. 


During this period of partial school closure, my priority is to get to know the staff and school community so that I can continue to build on from Matt Johnson’s excellent work. I know you’ll all want to join me in thanking Matt for his incredible work and dedication to the school over the last term.  As well, over the coming term, we will be undertaking a period of focussed evaluation, with a view to clarifying future plans. I am very keen that as we take the school forward we are able to recognise the current strengths as well as address areas where the school needs to improve. This will ensure that we are able to meet the needs of all our children to achieve the very best in their academic, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development. 


From those of you whom I have already met and worked with, your offers of support, time and encouragement has been touching and much appreciated. This is inevitably going to be a tough time for many children and families but we all hope that you are appreciating the many ways that staff are keeping in contact with you all, whether it be through home learning tasks, phone calls or taking care of your children if you are part of the critical work force.  


I look forward to meeting many of you in the weeks and months ahead and, in the meantime, wish you and your children all the very best for a successful summer term where hopefully we will see control over this pandemic and schools returning to some normality.


Sincerely and with best wishes of good health,


Mrs Hannah Beckett