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Swimming Starts Week Commencing 23rd April

Swimming Pool – Summer Term Swimming 2018


We are delighted to confirm we have prepared the swimming timetable for the Summer term. Our main swimming instructor was unable to return this year due to higher commitments at the leisure centre. We have therefore needed to recruit a new swimming instructor to deliver lessons to the same high standard. I am delighted to welcome Mrs Goodman to the Nightingale team and she will be working alongside Mrs Horkan teaching the children to swim.


We have endeavoured to maximise the amount of time the pool is in use across all year groups. We have managed to work the timetable to allow all children from Year 2 upwards to swim this term. With growing numbers, it is always a challenge to produce a timetable which works around the school’s normal timetable and allows as many children as possible to learn in our fantastic pool.


As indicated in our previous letters, we will be asking for a contribution towards the cost of swimming which is detailed below. The pricing structure is not based on a “per lesson” basis as on occasion, swimming may be cancelled at short notice if the pool is not at the right temperature or the chemical levels are incorrect, so your patience in this respect is appreciated. The requested contributions are for the Summer Term 2018 and have been set at a level in accordance with parental questionnaire responses.

Years 2,3,4,5,6 £15.00 per child (£10 for 2nd child, 3rd or 4th no charge)


This will hopefully generate a contribution in the region of £5000  towards the running costs of the pool which currently stand at just over £23,000. We will be trialling this for the summer term to see how successful this decision has been. No child will be denied the opportunity to swim if a contribution has not been met, but in the long term if the school cannot afford to fund the swimming pool, then it will ultimately be a facility that the school can no longer offer.


The pool should be ready for use week commencing 23rd  April; assuming the weather conditions are favourable all children in the year groups above will take part. May we remind you that for health and safety reasons children are not allowed to wear goggles and all jewellery must be removed. Children will need a swimming kit which should be labelled with their name and class. The kit should include:


1 piece swimming costume or trunks

Swimming hat (available to purchase from school £1)


A bag to keep swimming kit in


Please support us in maximising the use of the pool by ensuring all children have their kits in school and are encouraged to participate.


ANGELA 9.30-2.30


ANGELA 9.30-2.30


LINDA 9.15-3.00


LINDA 9.30-12.00


ANGELA 9.30-2.30

Kite group 1: 9.30-10.15


Kite group 2: 10.15-11.00


Kestrel group 1: 9.30-10.15


Kestrel group 2: 10.15-11.00


Skylark[group 1: 9.15-10.00


Skylark group 2: 10.00-10.45


Jackdaw Group 1: 9.30-10.15


Jackdaw Group 2: 10.15-11.00


Sparrow group 1: 9.30-10.15


Sparrow group 2: 10.15-11.00


Wagtail group 1: 11.15-12.00


Wagtail group 2: 11.15-12.00


Lapwing group 1: 11.00-11.45


Lapwing group 2: 11.45-12.30


Guillemot group 1: 11.15-12.00


Guillemot group 2: 11.15-12.00


Osprey group 1: 12.45-1.30


Osprey group 2: 1.30-2.15


Owl group 1: 12.45-1.30


Owl group 2: 1.30-2.15


Goldfinch Group 1: 1.15 – 2.00


Goldfinch Group 2: 2.00 – 2.45




Peregrine group 1: 12.45-1.30


Peregrine group 2: 1.30-2.15


If your child is timetabled to swim straight after lunch, we advise they either bring a packed lunch or opt for a school packed lunch to avoid eating a heavy meal before swimming.