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Reopening of Breakfast Club

Dear Parents,


We are delighted to inform you that Breakfast Club is returning at 7.45am from Monday 7th September. In light of the school’s risk assessment, there will be some adjustments, however, we will endeavour to make Breakfast Club as enjoyable as it has always been. 


Our staff members are remaining the same as pre-lockdown: Melissa Swartz, Hayley Blackford, Julie Saville, Liz Williams and myself. 


Our menu remains unchanged, with favourite ‘guest appearances’ such as beans on toast or croissants.  Our food service will start at 7.45am and finish at 8.30am to allow for packing-up and cleaning. Previously, we have encouraged independence with self-service of cereals, yogurts and drinks, but to enable us to work within the safety measures we will be delivering waitress service!


The most noticeable change will be year group bubbles replacing our usual free-flow movement between activities and classes; hopefully, with 7 different activities available each morning, along with drawing/colouring/reading and general chitchat, the children will be engaged and happy. These activities will be rotated over 7 school days providing everyone an opportunity to access them.


This is an important change and the children must understand for safety reasons they will need to remain in their year group bubble; it goes without saying that we will support the children with this as much as possible.


Registering for September 2020 is essential for ALL children. Children will not be able to attend unless they are registered.  Pre-booking and pre-payments will be available via our ScoPay App from September 2020. There is a daily charge of £3.


Please follow this link to register your child for September 2020


Your child must be accompanied and signed in to breakfast clubeach morning. Our hall doors will open promptly at 7.45am and where possible, please remain in your car until the doors open, however if this is not possible remember to respect social distancing.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


Yours sincerely


Jacky Burton

Breakfast Club Leader