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Our School Logo and Uniform

Dear Parents,


As we reach mid-summer, thoughts slowly turn to the back-to-school rush and need to get all the essentials for your child to have a great start to their new school year. In preparation for September and the annual purchasing of school uniform, we have been working closely with Skoolkit and My Clothing (formerly Tesco) to make some small changes and wanted to let you know in advance, what items can now be purchased.


You will have realised that the school has used two logos in recent years; the Nightingale bird that can be seen on the uniform which we believe dates back 20 years or more and the more recent tree, that was designed around our school moto Inspire to Aspire. 


In establishing new values in our school that will infuse and shape the strategic and operational direction of the school, it is essential that there are consistent practices including our expectations around uniform. Wearing school uniform gives children a sense of identity with the school, so it is important that the logo seen on their polo shirts, cardigans and jumpers reflects the tree logo that is seen everywhere else in our school. We believe that the uniform should reflect the high standards and consistency of our learning community. The only significant change is the new tree logo.  Our jade sweatshirts and cardigans and navy polo shirts remain the same.  These will now be accompanied by grey shorts, skirts and trousers rather than the current choice of grey or black.  Children are to wear grey or white socks and black shoes.      


While I realise there will be mixed feelings and apprehension about this change, we want to work with parents to make this change over a period of two years. If your child’s uniform still fits them, then there is no need to buy new. These items, sporting the new logo, will be available for purchase from Skoolkit from 26th June and from My Clothing shortly.  Should you purchase through My Clothing the school will receive 5% commission.


This uniform will not become mandatory until September 2022, with our older logo being known as our ‘Heritage Logo’ and an important part of the school’s legacy. Once we are all together again, we will explore this further with the children and the concepts associated with the Tree Logo.


Before you send unwanted uniform to landfill, please do consider the following. Only buy if your child has grown out of their existing uniform. In the event that old uniform can't be passed on in collections or even online, there are still positive ways to dispose of them. All items of clothing are recyclable, in fact, many are made from recyclable materials. Recycled clothes can also be reproduced as car seats, padding and even turned into toy’s clothing for nostalgia.


At Nightingale, we are proud of our supportive culture that enables us to work in partnership with parents. So if we need to consider individual needs, please do not hesitate to contact me via our school office. 

Thank you for your continued support. Attached is the price list for uniform donning our new logo comparable with prices from other primary schools.


Yours sincerely and with best wishes,



Mrs Hannah Beckett