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Emergency care provision for Key Workers and for those who qualify for a space in school

Current School Provision


We continue to provide a small number of places by agreement for the children of key workers and for those who qualify for a space in school during this period of partial closure.


We are extremely grateful that some families have been able to limit using the provision to essential days and times and would ask that you continue to do so in order that our staff can be protected.  


In order to organise the necessary staff cover and ascertain if provision can continue, please can you indicate which days you would like to request using the following forms:


Week commencing 18 May / 25 May 2020 -

Week commending 1 June / 8 June 2020 - 

Week commencing 15 June / 22 June 2020 -  


Please note that parents do not need to register children in year R, 1 or 6 as these children will be working within their cohort.


Please be as accurate as possible with regards to days and times needed. Please be aware that normal school hours apply. We realise that for some emergency workers this might change, in which case please could you let us know as soon as possible via email or a call to the office line.