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Inspire to Aspire

A Values Led School


Dear Parents, 


I have been learning so much over the past two weeks about our school; each day, with the support of those around me, understanding more about that strapline that I see everywhere – ‘Inspire to Aspire’. 


‘Inspire to Aspire’ meaning that we strive to ignite a love of lifelong learning and ambition in all our pupils, supporting them to become successful, happy and morally responsible citizens. 


Under my new leadership, it is the plan to establish values that will infuse and shape the strategic and operational direction of the school, which in turn, will lead to innovative and imaginative practice that helps our children transform their lives so that they can fulfil the above. Essentially, these values will enable our children to flourish in every aspect of their lives and live well together. They will support the character and moral development of all our children, giving them aspiration for themselves and hope for the communities of which they are a part. 


So I need your help in doing this! I need you to work with your child to think deeply about what matters and possibly be inspired by the good that we see during this time. Please could you talk to your children about the following values, what they mean and which ones they think are really important to have as a school. Then choose four values that you would like our school to embrace. 


Many thanks for your continued support and for completing this challenging exercise. I am sure it’ll bring lots of interesting discussions to your homes! 


Remember to only choose four! 


  • Care 
  • Community 
  • Compassion 
  • Courage 
  • Friendship 
  • Growth 
  • Honesty 
  • Hope 
  • Kindness 
  • Love 
  • Respect 
  • Trust


To select your favourite four please visit: by Friday 22nd May 2020.


Sincerely and with best wishes of good health, 


Mrs Hannah Beckett