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Mental well being

Mental wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic 


Hi all,


I hope you are remaining well and that you are taking the measures you need to keep you safe? It’s difficult and possibly anxious times for all with so much change afoot isn’t it? 


In light of the current and developing situation and media coverage, it is likely that some children may be concerned and anxious. This is to be expected, as it is likely that they have never experienced something like this before and do not have the experience to know what may happen. Adults can play an important role in maintaining a secure and familiar environment for them where they can share their questions and worries.


Things are changing daily and the impact on day-to-day life is significant. Hampshire & Isle of Wight Educational Psychology (HIEP) have put together a collection of resources which are available to support our communities in managing the worries and anxieties for ourselves and those we are caring for.  I have attached this for you to look at if your children, or yourselves, are struggling.  I have also attached some additional resources around anxiety, stress and mindfulness that you may find useful.


Above all, your biggest resource is us.  Please pick up the phone, message us on Dojo or reach out to us in any way you can.  Perhaps what is most important in these strange times is that we are all there for each other to ensure that the children’s, and our own, mental well-being remains as healthy as it can be.

In the meantime, I would like to send you all the best for the next few weeks as we bed-in a new temporary way of the world. We will get through this to the other side and I look forward to seeing you all then.


Mrs Gosling


Helpful links / resources


Managing anxiety age by age

<>: also from Hey Sigmund. A guide about what to expect age by age around anxiety, strategies and tips on when to get help.


Talking about world trauma with kids

<>: another great article from Hey Sigmund!.



8 Different Podcasts to listen to regarding Anxiety <>

Peace Out <> - short stories that help kids calm down and relax.  It appeals particularly to younger children.



Brain Pop Video <>-This is a great clip for kids, explaining the virus and how to stay healthy.

Coronavirus WHO

 <> (video) from the World Health Organization “What do you know about the novel Coronavirus that is causing a health emergency?”


GoZen <>  Videos, lessons and programs for purchase to manage stress and build resilience for kids. Resources for parents and educators to support SEL lessons online.


Mindfulness for Kids


Smiling Mind <> - Smiling Mind is a great mindfulness app/website for the whole family (Age 7+). Many children may find using Smiling Mind a way to help calm and focus their brains and bodies.


Cosmic Kids <> - Yoga and mindfulness for kids ages 3+. This is a great resource and many kids have experience using it in class.

WHO Coronavirus Myth Busters




Weekly Wellbeing Check In


Hampshire & Isle & Wight Educational Psychology - Talking with children & young people about coronavirus/COVID-19