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Home School Agreement

At Nightingale Primary School we are committed to establishing a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment, where the education and welfare of pupils is given the highest priority.  We believe that children will learn and develop when they know that they are safe, valued and respected by their peers, their teachers and all other adults working in and with the school and that their parents and carers are encouraged to be involved in their development.


We believe that for children to reach their full educational potential, it is essential that all staff, parents and children work in partnership towards the same goals, as detailed in this home/school agreement.


Our Children will have the confidence, knowledge and independence to strive to achieve above expectations.


School - We will do our best to:

  • Provide an exciting & vibrant learning environment where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Provide a rich, vibrant and balance curriculum that meets the individual needs of our children

  • Set homework to extend children’s learning

  • Recognise and reward success and achievement

  • Discuss the progress of children through regular meetings with parents/carers indicating strengths and areas for development


Parent and Carers - We will do our best to:

  • Take an active role in encouraging my child with their learning

  • Talk positively to our children about education and the school and raise any concerns directly with the school – not through social media

  • Support learning at home, including regular reading with my child

  • Praise my child’s achievements

  • Attend regular meetings with the class teacher to discuss my child’s progress and support any suggestions for development


Pupils - We will do our best to:

  • Take responsibility for my learning and ask for help when needed

  • Let the teacher know if I find the work too easy or if I am worried about the work

  • Complete homework tasks and read regularly at home

  • Be the best that I can be

  • Ensure I take home all school letters and correspondence


Our school community will provide an environment where children feel safe, well and happy to engage in learning.


School - We will do our best to:

  • Build trusting relationships, understanding and respect between staff, parents and pupils whilst upholding British values

  • Have clear and consistent expectations of behaviour throughout the school and ensure that policies and procedures are consistently applied

  • Have clear and consistent expectations of presentation for staff and pupils throughout the day, including P.E. and swimming

  • Promote and reward good and outstanding attendance and punctuality at every appropriate opportunity

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment where both children and adults feel secure, able to talk and believe they will be listened to


Parent and Carers - We will do our best to:

  • Work in partnership with the school to develop positive relationships, understanding and respecting those from different cultures and races and those with different feelings and beliefs whilst upholding British values

  • Support the schools behaviour policy and notify the school of any concerns that may affect our child’s behaviour at school

  • Support the schools uniform policy and ensure that our child attends school in the correct uniform, including footwear,and that they have their P.E. kit available in school every day

  • Support the schools attendance policy and aim for our child’s attendance to be at least 96% at the end of the school year

  • Endeavour to provide a safe, secure and happy environment at home and ask for support if it is needed


Pupils - We will do our best to:

  • Be kind and polite to everyone in school and respect other’s culture, race, feelings and beliefs whilst upholding British values

  • Accept responsibility for my behaviour and choices and follow the schools Golden Rules at all times

  • Wear the correct school uniform, including footwear,at all times

  • Attend school every day, on time, unless I am genuinely unwell

  • Understand that I have rights both in and out of school, including:

    • To be safe

    • To be happy

    • To be listened to

    • To be treated kindly

    • To feel wanted and valued


In addition to the above, the school will:

  • Make available via the school website, all relevant school policies, for information.
  • We will provide opportunities for parents to become involved in school life
  • We will provide information to parents about school activities through regular newsletters, open days, meetings and the annual school report.
  • Support the children with transition into, through and out of our school


Parents/carers will:

  • Read and act upon any information sent home
  • Support the school and PTA in fundraising and other activities
  • Keep the school informed of any changes to contact details
  • Children will:
  • Tell a member of staff if they are worried or unhappy


Together we will:

  • Value one another as partners with our children.  Listen to and support each other in our aim to provide the best education for our children.