Woodland Walks

At Nightingale Primary School, we believe that all children should have the opportunities to feel empowered as they learn more about themselves and their own natural environment. Our newly developed woodland walk provides all pupils at Nightingale with a unique outdoor learning environment that is naturally abundant with opportunities for children to grow and learn through exploring their natural surroundings, problem solving, working collaboratively, building resilience, and decision-making, whilst striving to improve wellbeing and develop mindfulness. The facilities provided within this space are accessible to by our all-weather path, and include bug hotels, bird boxes, a mud kitchen, planters, outdoor learning zones, and a wealth of den-building recourses, all of which support with enhancing our wider curriculum and enrich our termly “season-watch” days. The additional seating areas also allow for this space to be used as a further learning space where our pupils can learn comfortably and effectively within our outdoor woodland setting.