Our PE Vision

All children at Nightingale Primary School have the opportunity to participate in a range of physical activities during their time at school. The PE lessons and extra-curricular activities that the children have access to are planned to give them the chance to learn and develop new skills. They are taught the value of working as part of a team and have opportunity to feel what it is like to be involved in competitive activities.

All children in the school have a minimum of two 30-minute PE lessons a week, with additional opportunities throughout the school week to extend this time, for example during other curriculum lessons. Specialist coaches are used alongside the staff to support and enhance the curriculum. The children have one of their 30-minute lessons each week which is led by a specialist sports coach who delivers a range of sporting activities, in-line with our curriculum. Additional to our twice weekly PE lessons, pupils from Years 2-6 attend organised lunchtime sports provision, led by our specialist coaches.

The school runs a range of sports clubs throughout the school year and these can be used alongside curriculum lessons to help identify and promote opportunities for children to develop their skills in local community teams and clubs.

The school has good links with the other local primary schools and engages regularly in inter school competitions and sporting matches against other schools. Children also have the opportunity to put their sporting skills into practice, taking part in our annual sports day where they are awarded points for their house teams (Lime, Beech, Willow, Rowan).

As a school we believe that all children have a right to live a healthy and active life style, and strive to include all children in an engaging and active curriculum, developing a passion for sport, throughout their primary education and beyond.