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Beaulieu 2018 Residential Trip

Year 4 Beaulieu 2018

Good morning once again!


I enjoyed seeing the children at Beaulieu yesterday.  They were absolutely in their element.  The joy on their faces was priceless (as were the terrified looks as the resident turkey chased them!)


I stayed for dinner and was so impressed by all of the children who tried everything they were given, including blackcurrants and gooseberries picked fresh from the kitchen garden that morning.


All slept well last night and Mr James is down there now with them for the morning.


I have uploaded some more photos and more will follow once they return!


Mrs Gosling

Good morning to you all!


Please see a few pictures below of your children settling in (sent in by Mrs Noott who had to walk up a hill in a field to get signal at 10 o'clock last night!) I think it is safe to say that by bedtime they were exhausted and ready for their beds.  The boys slept beautifully with some even having to be woken up at 7.00am!  The girls stayed true to form and spent time gossiping but eventually settled - they may be tired today!


I am off to join them today.  A day of forest walking, tree house climbing, bushcraft, shelter building and pond dipping awaits.  


Mrs Gosling

Day 1 - settling in and getting to know the animals

We have just had a phone call from the Year 4 teachers to let us know that the children have arrived safely and have already started to unpack!  I am sure they are making themselves at home already!  


Check back here for photo updates - I will upload any photos as soon as they are sent through to me.


Mrs Gosling