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Inspire to Aspire


At Nightingale Primary School, we endeavour to do our best. In doing so the school has achieved a variety of awards.



We were recently awarded the Music Mark following an inspection by Hampshire Music Service for our commitment to music lessons including Listen to Me and singing assemblies.




This year the Sainbury's Sports Award at Nightingale Primary School was upgraded to gold level as a result of the continuing hard work and increased sporting activities we take part in.



We have also recently achieved Level 2 from the Royal Horticultural Society for the efforts so far in gardening. Further details can be found on the gardening page of the website.



We also received the Bronze Award from Modeshift Stars for the effort made by the children, parents and the school in increasing our commitment to greener travel to and from school. This included more road safety, cycle and scooter training for children. We also won some lovely new scooter pods for the children to store their scooters.



We have also achieved Foundation Level  from the British Council International School Awards following our commitment to developing links with other schools across the world. Please see our dedicated International Community Page for further information.









Last year Nightingale Primary School was also awarded the Trailblazer Award for exploring, discovering and caring for the environment.