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At Nightingale Primary School we are committed to establishing a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment, where the education and welfare of pupils is given the highest priority. 


For a child to reach their full educational potential a high level of attendance is essential.  Parents/carers and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and promoting excellent school attendance and punctuality for all.  It is our duty to strive for 100% attendance for all children.  


For your child to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered it is vital that they are at school, on time, every day the school is open, unless the reason for absence is unavoidable. The routines that children develop around attendance and punctuality at school are the same as the expectation of any future employer in the world of work.


Good attendance is important because:

  • Regular attenders make better progress, both socially and academically
  • Regular attenders find friendships, school routines and school work easier to cope with
  • Regular attenders are more successful in transferring between primary school, secondary school and higher education, employment or training









It is important that your child arrives at school on time at the start of the day and for all sessions.  The start of the day/session is used to give out instructions, is an opportunity for children to receive feedback and edit work or attend school assemblies.  If your child is late they may miss time with their teacher, cause disruption to the lesson for others or be late for the school assembly, all of which can be extremely embarrassing for them and can lead to possible further absence.


The school day begins when the doors open at 8:45am and pupils are expected to be in school at this time.  Morning registration takes place in class at 8:55am when the main doors close.  Children arriving after this time will be recorded as late and will need to be signed in at the main office by a member of the senior leadership team.


Pupils who are consistently late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of the other pupils.  On-going and repeated lateness is considered as unauthorised absence and will be subject to legal action – full details are available in the Attendance Policy. 







High attainment, confidence with peers and staff and future aspirations all depend on good school attendance. The foundation for good attendance is a strong partnership between the school, parents/carers and the child. 


To promote good attendance we:

  • Provide information on attendance for parents/carers, staff and children on our website, in the school newsletter, on the attendance board in the hall and in the parent bulletin board.
  • Use coloured bands to aid understanding when reporting on or discussing attendance – see below
  • Celebrate good attendance in the celebration assembly each week with the class/classes with the best attendance earning SAM bear or the attendance trophy for the week.
  • Have a “Perfect Attendance” poster in each class to track days that they have a “full house” working towards a whole class reward.
  • Reward improving attendance on an individual basis.
  • Hold a raffle each half term, for each Key Stage for those children who have attended for 100% of the half term.  Winners whose names are drawn will receive a prize.
  • Issue certificates each term to those children achieving good and perfect attendance.
  • Issue annual certificates to those children achieving good and perfect attendance.  Those children with perfect attendance for the whole year also win a prize.






My child is trying to avoid coming to school.  What should I do? Mrs Sharp, Welfare Manager 


  • Don’t cover up their absence 
  • Don’t give in and keep them home - this gives the impression that school attendance is not important and is likely to make things worse
  • Do talk to us.  We want to help - please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance.  Mrs Sharp, our Welfare Manager is also available to help.


We can’t teach your child if they’re not in school!


To view our attendance policy please click here:   


Request to authorise absence from school due to exceptional circumstances form