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EYFS 2017-2018

Summer Term


Welcome back to all of our Kingfishers and Woodpeckers as we begin an exciting new term. .


Keeping Safe in the Warmer Weather

Now that Summer is upon us, please ensure that your child has a named hat and sun-cream in school on sunny days t enable the children to safely take part in the daily outdoor learning. Each class has a and sun-cream box where the children can either place their hat and cream daily or leave in school for the term. We also ask that all children bring a named bottle of water to school every day, which they can access freely in the classroom.


Word Lists

Please support your child in learning their Red and Green Words at home. These are located in your child's Home-School Diary.



What Are We Learning?


PSED, Communication and Language, Reading and Writing

In the Summer Term we will be focussing on developing and refining the children’s ability to communicate clearly and cooperatively with adults and peers. We will focus on active listening skills, encouraging the children to think carefully about what they have heard and to respond appropriately. We will work on questioning skills and the ability to stick to theme of conversation even if it was instigated by someone else.

The children will be exposed to a wide variety of texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will discuss the features of each genre and attempt to replicate some of them in our own writing and explore the meaning of new words.

The children will take part in weekly guided reading sessions, where they will be taught reading skills such as decoding the text, making predictions about the story; exploring the characters, story structure and plot. The children will also be read to daily as a class and will begin to listen to longer stories, requiring greater listening skills and concentration.


Our writing sessions will be working on refining the children's sentence writing, in a range of contexts.



In maths this term we will be focussing on builing confidence with numbers to 20. The children will be learning to recognise, order and count with numbers to 20, as well as adding two single digit numbers and completing simple subtractions. We will be introducing the concepts of fair sharing, doubling and halving. In addition to this we will be exploring and talking about the properties of 2d and 3d shapes.



Physical Development

In addition to the children's weekly PE sessions focussing on outdoor games, the children will have access to a range of activities to support both gross and fine motor development, and daily access to our outdoor classroom. We will be providing lots of opportunities for the development of children’s fine motor skills and pencil control to support writing.


Understanding the World & Expressive Arts and Design

This Term the children will be supported in refining their existing design skills; adults will work with children to encourage planning, evaluation and the ability to make adaptations to their work. The children have daily access to a variety of art materials and painting supplies where they can explore, changing texture and combing resources and techniques to achieve different effects.

Music and singing will form an important part of our weekly activities and will also be accessible to the children during their child-initiated learning, alongside opportunities for imaginary and role play.

The children will explore change and features of the natural environment through growing and caring for their own vegetables and plants. The children will be supported in identifying similarities and differences between features of their own immediate environment and other environments. We will learn about the similarities and differences that make us unique through opportunities to share and explore the lives and cultures of the children in our classes.

ICT resources will be used to record and to explore control software.


British Values

In the EYFS we look at what it means to be British within our daily practices. We support the children in developing their abilities to work together and collaborate. The children are aware of the Golden Rules which are displayed clearly, we regularly refer to these rules and talk about why they are important. We celebrate diversity and value the differences and similarities within our classes and the homelives of our children. The children particularly enjoy sharing the class Everywhere Bear diaries and finding out about the homes and lives of their classmates. Throughout the year we learn about different cultures and faiths in Great Britain, celebrating different festivals and looking into the lives of all who live here.





We are very fortunate at Nightingale to have access to the fantastic resource that is Tapestry. Tapestry is an online resource for the Early Years which allows us to compile individual online learning journals for the children; it forms an integral part of our observation, assessment and analysis which ensures children are appropriately challenged and supported to progress in their learning. In addition to this Tapestry allows parents the opportunity to view their child's learning journals from their own computer or smart phone; keeping you up-to-date with your child's weekly learning. Parents are also able to upload their own observations of learning and achievements that happen outside of school which can then form a part of our assessments. If you need any help to interact with Tapestry, please talk to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help you.



Get Involved!


Parent helpers are a valued resource in school and we are always very keen to utilise reading helpers to support the children. In addition to this we would love for our parents to get involved with other aspects of the children's learning in school. This year we will be introducing our 'Get Involved' boards which are located on the Early Years classroom windows. We will use these to 'advertise' weekly for one off helper vacancies, giving parents who are unable to commit to a regular session the opportunity to come in and be a part of our school day. Vacancies will vary and may include coming in to help with a cooking activity, some gardening, a maths activity or ball games outdoors. We would also love to hear if you have a particular skill or interest which you feel may benefit the children.



General Information


PE days - Both classes have PE on Tuesdays. It can be helpful to ensure your child is wearing clothes that they can take off and put on by themselves on PE days.

Library days -Both classes visit the school library in small groups throughout the week. Please ensure that your child's library book is in their book bag, at school to enable them to change it weekly.

Drink bottles - Classroom drink bottles should only contain water.

Reading helpers - Please let us know if you would like to help.


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