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Year 2 2017-2018

Welcome to Year 2!

Summer 2

The Sixties

See the source imageThe last half of the summer term has finally arrived and we are excited about our new 1960’s topic. The children will be involved in a number of engaging lessons such as learning a sixties dance routine, reading books from this era such as Flat Stanley, discussing and writing about historical events, fashion, inventions and the music as well as comparing them to nowadays. We will be throwing a 1960’s day where the children will have the opportunity to dress up in outfits from sixties, perform a fashion show and they will be visited by a special guest who will be bringing in his 1960’s car for the children to play in and use to create observational drawings.


In Maths we will be developing our measuring skills, solving two step problems using money and embedding our calculations skills within our marvellous Maths meetings.


See the source image

During PHSE we will be investing healthy food which will link in with our exciting supersonic sports day event. We will also be exploring our feelings and changes as we will be preparing the children to move on to their next adventure in Year 3.


Additionally we are delighted to be inviting our very special Grandparents in to share their sixties memories with us all.


We are incredibly proud of how well the children performed during last term with their SATs quizzes. We feel this term will be the best one yet, I hope the children will be ready to take a trip back in time!



Please practise reading at home and weekly spellings.

There will also be a range of other homework over the term.



Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school every day which is filled only with water.

Children can place their bottle in their class water tray first thing in the morning.


Please can you make sure that your children do not use the outside equipment before or after school.

It is important that all children take part in PE which is a vital part of the curriculum. Please make sure your child has a P.E. kit in school that is clearly labelled and ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled, including coats and jumpers.



Summer 1

Living Things and Their Habitats


Last term we had a fantastic trip to the HMS Victory and all the children and adults had a lovely time learning about Nelson and his achievements. We made some special memories to treasure. This half term we are going to be learning all about living things and their habitats. The children will get the opportunity to experiment in science and learn about food chains, living things and thinking about how to be healthy. We will be linking this with our literacy skills.


In wonderful maths we will be learning about measure, capacity, length and time and consolidate our subject knowledge in all mathematical operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Within English we will be working scientifically and will be looking at a range of non-fiction and fiction texts which will give us the opportunity to develop our knowledge.



Additionally in Geography we are going to be identifying seasonal weather patterns in the UK and look at world maps which will then give us the opportunity to do some field work with in school.


We will also be preparing to complete our SATS papers this term. The children have been working so hard to prepare for these and we know they will be fantastic, we are extremely proud of them! We really hope you can join us for our SATS afterschool workshop this half term. If you have any questions then please ask the adults in the Year 2 team.





Spring Term

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...


Are you ready to go on an adventure far, far away? This Spring term we are going to be inspired by different fairy tale stories and use them to influence our amazing writing. We will become published authors in the library with our own fairy tale stories.


We will discover gruesome monsters, brave knights and enormous towers as well as learning all about Sir Charlie Stinky Socks! We will be looking at some classic traditional stories like The Elves and the Shoemaker and Rapunzel.


In maths, we will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes, beginning to explore different types of measurement as well as securing our knowledge of multiplication and division facts.


Year 2 will delve into the creative world of collage and printing and will create their own pieces of art to display in our Year 2 Art exhibition.


This term we will also be preparing for end of Key Stage 1 SATS by taking part in fun quizzes and consolidating our learning. We love to challenge ourselves in Year 2 so can't wait to see the progress that we're making! Have a look at our exciting topic web to find out even more of the amazing things that Year 2 get to learn about!



Autumn Term 2017


The Autumn term was a very busy term. We had some exciting events, all of which support the children in their learning. Our main topic was the Great Fire of London and the children enjoyed a visit from Samuel Pepys who came in to recount his diary of events from the awful event. The children made model houses and we have made a video below to show off their amazing work.