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Our Governing Body plays a crucial, strategic and supporting role. They are instrumental in working with the Headteacher and school staff to make the school the best it can be.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated team of volunteers who offer their time and expertise freely and enthusiastically.   

The school is fortunate in having governors drawn from a wide range of professional skills, including business, education and finance and some members are parents of current pupils. 

Like the school itself, the Governing Body wishes at all times to be transparent and approachable, and can be contacted via the school office or by email. It welcomes all views. 

The purpose of a School’s Governing body is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.

The three core functions of our Governing body at Nightingale Primary School are: 

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction 
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff 
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent  

Nightingale Primary School

Governor Details


Name Category Appointed by

Term of Office

(no. of years & end date)

Committee membership Responsibilities

Voting Rights 

(if Associate Member)

Hannah Asprey Co-opted GB    


Head Teachers Performance Management

Personal Development  
Hannah Beckett Headteacher Ex officio   N/A Resources    
Alex Bourne LA GB 4 25/11/22 Resources    
Kevin Coen   Co-opted GB   Resigned 15/11/19      
Adrian Davey Co-opted GB 4 09/09/22 Resources (C)

Head Teachers Performance Management

Chair of Resources

H&S Link Governor

Anne Dee      Co-opted GB   Resigned 12/5/20      
Katie Gould Clerk       N/A    
Ali Peach Co-opted GB 4 17/03/23 SEND Link Governor    
Yvonne Scott Co-opted GB 4 15/01/21      
Laura Stagg Parent Parents 4 25/11/22  

Chair of Governors

Safeguarding Governor

Andrew Thomas-Bond Staff Staff 4 15/01/22      
Bob West Co-opted GB 4  

Vice Chair

Pupil Premium

Head Teachers Performance Management

Kim Woolford Parent Parents 4 30/11/22 Resources Development & Training Governor  

The Resources committee deals with all HR, finance and Buildings & Grounds matters. It is a sub-committee of the Governing Body. Matters of Standards & Curriculum are discussed within the Full Governing Body meetings. 

There is also an additional committee which reviews the Headteacher’s performance. 

Working groups or additional committees are set up occasionally to review specific areas, as and when required. 

Meet our Governors

The Governing Body is committed to making a positive contribution to the school and the education of our children. Our primary role is to support, challenge and monitor by working in partnership with Mrs Beckett and the leadership team to promote continuous improvement in the school’s performance and its future development. The Governing Body had a strategic role in shaping the future as well as wide ranging statutory responsibilities.

We are all volunteers and have a wide range of significant experience and skills – we have representation from staff, parents, the local authority and the community. We meet once every half term as well as make planned visits into school so that we are fully informed about all aspects.

We are determined to do the best for the school, we welcome all views and can be contacted through the school office.


Laura Stagg – Chair of Governors

I have been a school governor since September 2018 when my son joined in Year R. From November 2020 I will take on the role of Chair for the governors. This is an exciting new opportunity for me having worked with a great team of governors and headteachers over the past 2 years.

My day to day role is working within the Children and Family services team for Southern Health NHS, supporting the Health Visitors, School Nurses, Staff Nurses and Community Nursery Nurses with marketing and communications to Hampshire Families. So becoming Chair of Governors at Nightingale is a great fit with me and my ethos of working with children.

I am also the safeguarding governor working with the welfare officer at Mrs Beckett to ensure we are meeting the correct safeguarding standards.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions or queries.


Hannah Asprey

My daughter joined Nightingale in 2018. I attended Nightingale as a child myself and have happy memories of my time there.  I have a history in working in childcare and education, and am now a foster carer for the local area.  Due to my job, I have a long term interest in the education standards for my child, and those in my care throughout my career.  I feel my experience and dedication towards helping children build their individual futures will be a positive addition to the current governor team and am looking forward to working with the school.


Hannah Beckett

Headteacher and Governor by ex-officio. I have always worked in primary education and loved every minute of it. I became a Governor at two of my previous schools and soon after, got a feel for strategic leadership and the financial oversight of a school. Now in my second headship, I am excited to take on the adventure of Nightingale’s Headteacher.  I pride myself in demonstrating optimistic personal behaviour, positive relationships and attitudes towards children and staff, and towards parents, governors and members of the local community. I look forward to working with you all.


Alex Bourne

I have previously served as a parent governor, now I am the Local Authority Governor. I am a Local Eastleigh Borough Councillor for Eastleigh South – the constituency in which Nightingale Primary School resides.

I have 2 boys – one now at Barton Pevril who attended Nightingale when we moved to Eastleigh and my youngest is in year 3.

My boys and I love watching Saints and Eastleigh Football teams, and Hampshire cricket.

I first became a Governor when a plea to parents was issued. I couldn’t just sit back and not rise to the call to action.

I serve on the Finance committee and have recently taken on the task of being the Safeguarding Governor.

I am very proud to be a Governor of such a great school.


Ali Peach

After starting volunteering at my son’s school 16 years ago, I quickly realised that I had found a career path that I loved and felt passionate about. Throughout my varying roles in schools, up to becoming a teacher, I have been lucky enough to see the wide and positive impact that a successful governing body can have upon a school.

After joining Nightingale, I decided that I wanted to have a further positive impact outside of the classroom and asked to join the governing body. Being a governor allows me to help bring understanding of the internal workings of the school to the whole body; whilst working towards ensuring that each of our pupils has fair access to a quality education.


Yvonne Scott

I have always worked in education and am currently part of the senior leadership team at Crestwood. When I joined Crestwood in 2016, Nightingale were looking for new governors. I became a co – opted governor and have really enjoyed getting to know the school, its team of incredible staff and the wider school community.


Andrew Thomas-Bond

Having worked in primary education for over 13 years and at Nightingale for 3 years, I am delighted to represent our fantastic team as Staff Governor.  I joined the governing body in order to further support the on-going school improvements as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the governance and running of the wider school.    I am passionate about improving learning experiences and outcomes for pupils in all areas, and I specialise in advancing the teaching and learning of mathematics.


Bob West

I have been a governor for many years at various schools in the Eastleigh area as I believe governance has an important role to play in enabling the pupils in our local community have the best possible education they can get. For me this is not only includes helping them achieve excellent results but it is also about  providing them with those wow moments in their time at school, that will give them a love of learning and an enquiring mind. If we can do this we will set them up for the next stage in their education and prepare them to be a success in later life.

I hope the experience I have gained over the years as a governor will enable me to play my part in helping the school to fulfil its vision in producing pupils who will make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and achieve their personal goals.


Kim Woolford

My eldest daughter joined Nightingale in 2015, my youngest is joining in 2020. I am passionate about education and after having my children I left my career as an Insurance Underwriter to work within Educational Governance. I currently work in Further Education identifying, developing and delivering community based learning and development. I became a parent governor not only to support the education of my own children but to support the education of all our children. I believe I have a breadth of experience and skills to help make a positive contribution to our school, community and children.


There is always the possibility of a Governor Role becoming available. We are always looking for people (either parents or members of the community) who have a real interest in primary education and a desire to help Nightingale on its journey to becoming an exceptional school. 

A background in education is not necessary but good people skills, a willingness to learn, attend meetings and training, are essential to the role. 

It would be an advantage if you had some skills in leadership, management, finance, strategic planning, and human resources to improve the educational opportunities for our children. 

Being a governor is an extremely important and rewarding voluntary role, providing an opportunity for you to give something back to your local community. The time commitment is about 6 hours per month to attend full governing body and committee meetings plus time to undertake planned visits to see the school at work. 

Full training and support is available to support the role. 

Contact our Chair of Governors if you would like to know more.