About Us

Friends of Nightingale

Kelly Shewell is the Chair of the PTA which we call the ‘Friends of Nightingale’. 

If you are a parent, relative or carer of a child that attends Nightingale Primary school, or a member of the amazing team that work at Nightingale Primary School, you are automatically a member of the PTA. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to raise money for the school to make improvements or for extra items and equipment not already provided by the schools main income. We also purchase fun items to help make learning more interesting and enjoyable. It is also very important to us that these purchases benefit the majority of the children at the school. 

We aim to raise funds by holding a variety of events and encourage sponsorship with competitions and challenges for children and parents. 

The chair and other committee members will be working behind the scenes to bring fun and exciting events to our school.  

Look out for us on the playground!