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Year 6

Picture 1 Mr Thomas-Bond - Peregrine Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Baverstock - Osprey Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Trumble - Osprey Class Teacher

Year 6 Snow Day Challenge!

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During the snow days today and tomorrow, Mrs Trumble, Mr Thomas-Bond and Mrs Baverstock are challenging you to complete the following three tasks:

1) To create an innovative snow sculpture;

2) To write a snow poem;

3) To make a paper snowflake.


Snow sculpture:

One of the challenges you have been set is to create an innovative snow sculpture and send a photo of it to the ‘snow day’ email address you’ve been sent. We will be looking out for the most creative and imaginative sculptures so get thinking about what it is that you could make. Get your whole family involved with making it and remember, HAVE FUN! There will be a prize for the best sculpture!


Snow poem:

The second challenge we’d like you to partake in is writing a snow poem. Remember Year 6, you are fantastic writers and therefore should be considering your choice of appropriate and effective descriptive devices and figurative language to include within your poem (similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, ambitious adjectives, etc.) You may also want to think about whether you are going to write a Haiku poem (syllable pattern of 5, 7, 5); a narrative poem; a free verse poem; or even challenge yourself to include some rhyming couplets within your poem. You can handwrite your poem to bring in on Monday or type it up and email it in to us.


Paper snowflake:

For your final challenge task, you will need to look at a snowflake (if you can catch one), look at the patterns and make a paper snowflake. Can you make a snowflake with 2 lines of symmetry, 4 lines of symmetry, and 8 lines of symmetry? You will need to post a photo and bring the snowflakes in on Monday.


We hope you enjoy completing these challenges and look forward to seeing the outcomes of them all. Remember that you can email any work and photos to the snow day email address that has been set up specifically for these challenges. alternatively, if you don't have access to email, you can bring the photos and completed work into school on Monday. Have fun, stay safe and keep warm!

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Welcome to Year 6!


Spring Term


This term we will be learning about rainforests for our topic.  In Spring 1 our focus is on 'Natural Disasters within the Amazon Rainforest, while in Spring 2 our focus is 'From Cacao to Chocolate'.


This learning will culminate in an exhibition of our learning at the end of the term, including our art work and DT puppets. 


The children will start their topic by researching a secret rainforest and creating information texts based on it. During the topic, the children will also learn about dangers and threats to the rainforest, including animals and plants within the rainforest.   They will perform their own musical compositions to represent the rainforest. 



In Literacy, the children will be reading 'The Jaguar Trials' by Ruth Eastham. They will use this book to infer about the main characters, as well as writing their own 'Trial'.


In Maths, the children will be learning about percentages and how to solve problems with these.  They will also learn about ratio, algebra and statistics.  We will also spend time revising key concepts such as place value and the four operations.   


Important Days of the Week

This term, we have outdoor P.E. on a Monday (Osprey) or Tuesday (Peregrine) as well as indoor P.E. on a Friday (both classes). 

Revision guides have been handed out and will be collected periodically throughout the term.  Children should be consolidating their learning in lessons (which the teachers will guide them to) as well as continuing to revise other areas - remember to speak to us if there is something you are not sure about and need extra help with! 

Thursday 25th January - Parent Learning Day

Booster Groups

SATs revision booster groups have already started - thank you and well done to those children who continue to attend.