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Year 4

Picture 1 Miss Jones - Kestrel Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Overthrow - Owl Class Teacher

  Welcome to Year 4



Welcome to Year 4. This term, our topics will be The Victorians followed by Dinosaurs. Throughout this term we will be looking at how British Values link in the curriculum.


Spring Term 



This term the children will continue to develop their understanding of the four operations, focusing on more complex problems. We will also look at measures, statistics and fractions and making connections between topics.



This term the children will be continuing to plan, write and edit different pieces of writing including a recount, narrative and non-fiction text. They will be using different features of writing including types of sentences, direct speech, figurative language and punctuation to improve their work. 



This term the children will be looking at electricity. They will look into different electrical items and how to be safe with these. We will be investigation conductors and insulators and building a correct circuit to power a light or buzzer. 



The children will be learning all about the Victorians and how their lives were different to ours. We will look at a range of aspects of the Victorian lives including their school life, work life and inventions as well as linking this to our local area.  



We will be developing our sewing skills in order to make a Victorian money purse. 


Autumn 1


See the source image  See the source image



In maths, the children will be consolidating their understanding of the four operations, moving from using resources to formal methods. We will be developing the children's understanding of fractions, measure and statistics. 



The children will be focusing on the story 'Brother Eagle, Sister Sky' and writing a range of texts including a diary and a newspaper report. The children will be working on skills including fronted adverbials, direct speech and simple, compound and complex sentences. 



In Science, the children will be carrying out a range of STEM activities which develop children's Science, Technology, Engineering and maths skills. 


History and Geography

The children will be investigating where the continent of North America is and what it's climate is like.  We will also be looking at where the native people lived and what happened when the first settlers came to America.



In Art the children will be making dream catchers and sewing a tipi! 


Important information


*Children in Year 4 are expected to read every night to either themselves or an adult.  Your child should write the comment but of course parents can too.  Please initial each time and your child will receive rewards for their effort.  We are trying to beat 2500 reads in Robin class last year.


*Library days are on a Tuesday for both classes. Children will be expected to bring in their library book during these times so that they have the opportunity to change it for a new one.


*Children will undergo a "spellings quiz" every Friday and will be given new spellings to learn for the following week - please ensure that you are supporting your child in learning their spellings as their ability to spell words correctly will impact their writing significantly.


*Year 4 will have two PE sessions a week, Indoor PE and either swimming or outdoor PE.


















Watch this space for our amazing work!


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