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Year 4

  Welcome to Year 4


Autumn Term


Welcome back to a new school year and a new team of teachers. This half term, our topic will be 'Road Trip USA' and will include focusing on various places in the Americas.



In maths, the children will be learning the four operations and using lots of practical resources to help them. We will be investigating fractions of a whole and fractions of amounts; we might even use smarties to help us. Then we will move onto shape focusing on 2D and 3D shapes and looking at lines of symmetry. 




The children will be focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. They will be writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction including a fact file, diary and newspapers. We will then move onto looking at instruction writing in the lead up to Christmas. 



In Science, the children will be looking at states of matter. They will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and taking part in a variety of experiments to see the differences between the three states of matter. 


These children have been looking at dancing raisins and were amazed to see how a gas lifted up the solid raisin. 



In Geography , the children will be focusing on South America and it's rainforests. They will use atlases to locate continents and oceans as well as looking at human and physical features. 



In Art, the children will be looking at artists from South America and creating pictures of animals from the rainforest. 



Important information

*Each week activities will be sent home to support your child's learning. Homework is handed out on a Friday and is due in the following Tuesday. 


*Children will undergo a "spellings quiz" every Friday and will be given new spellings to learn for the following week - please ensure that you are supporting your child in learning their spellings as their ability to spell words correctly will impact their writing significantly.


*Year 4 P.E. is on a Monday afternoon (Owl & Kestrel) and a Tuesday afternoon (Kite). Swimming will take place on Monday (Kite) Tuesday (Owl) and Thursday (Kestrel)


*Library days are on a Tuesday for all classes. Children will be expected to bring in their library book during these times so that they have the opportunity to change it for a new one.



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