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Year 3

Picture 1 Miss Anderson - Jackdaw Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Peach - Goldfinch Class Teacher

Snow Day Challenges

Welcome to Year 3


Summer Term



Welcome back for Summer Term!


Literacy and Guided Reading

Children will be using the book The Stone Age Boy as the basis for their writing; along with all of the wonderful information we learnt on the trip to Butser Farm.  This half term they will be writing a story about travelling back to Stone Age times and an instruction text.



The children will be furthering their understanding of how to tell the time, as well as calculating elapsed periods of time.  We will also be doing geometry and some more work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


We are going to be looking at the process by which fossils are formed, the rock cycle and properties of rocks.



We are going to be looking at the changes between the Stone Age and the Iron Age and how civilisation progressed during this period.



We will be recreating some Stone Age art by studying the cave paintings of Lascaux.



Children will be looking at  the relationships within families and looking at how we perceive people and the possible stereotypes that we may have.



Important information:

Spelling homework is handed out on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday ready for their test. Children are also expected to read regularly and fill in their reading diaries.  This is a vitally important part of learning for all children; the more opportunities they have to read-the better!

Goldfinch will have swimming on a Wednesday, Jackdaw on a Thursday. 

They will be also be lucky enough to take part in Listen2Me music lessons on a Monday and they are learning ukulele this term.

Library days are on a Friday for Jackdaw and Goldfinch class. Children will be expected to bring in their library book during these times so that they have the opportunity to change it for a new one.