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Year 1

Picture 1 Mrs Stevens - Kittiwake Class
Picture 2 Mrs Davis - Kittiwake Class
Picture 3 Mrs Overthrow - Robin Class

The children are using Purple Mash to help with their learning, to access the site please click on the link below. For help please click on the user guide.

Welcome to Year 1!


Summer Term 2018


Our topics during the Summer Term are...


Woodland Wonderland                                                   Under the sea

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Woodland Wonderland


Watch this space for information about our next topic!




  • Please can you ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school every day which is filled only with water. Please do not put the bottle in book bags as they could leak and each class has a plastic box which they children can place their bottle in first thing in the morning.

  • Please can you make sure that your children do not use the outside equipment before or after school.


British Values

In Year 1 we look at what it means to be British.  We have been using S.T.E.M activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to work together as a team.  We have made a seat for Humpty Dumpty so he doesn't fall off the wall, a house for the three pigs and a tall tower just using 3 pieces of paper!  We also chose our Young Governor using a Polling Station to give our secret vote.  We did this like our parents do when they vote.  This is a very important job for Toby and Charlie who take our thoughts and ideas to meetings once a week.  During assemblies we learn about different cultures and faiths in Great Britain, celebrating different festivals and looking into the lives of all who live here.

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We are very much looking forward to Prince Harry and Megan's wedding in May.  Watch this space for all the activities we carry out!








African Adventure.

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Our African topic was absolutely fantastic!  It started off with a boom!  Kwame came from African Activities to show the children how to play the Djembe drum, paint Adinkra patterns, learn African stories and dances.  A fun day was had by all learning about Ghana and what it would be like to live there. 


In Science we learnt all about animals and humans and how they differ or are the same.  The children grouped the animals by whether they were a fish, reptile, amphibian, birds and mammals.  We also sorted them by whether they were carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.


When reading, we have been learning how to use a Guided Reading Journal to record our reading activities. We have learnt how to use a 'Tell me more' square to find information about a story we have read.


During the half term we have learnt about partitioning numbers into tens and ones and adding a one digit number to a two digit number.  We are continuing to learn how to reason and prove our answer is correct by checking it twice (like Father Christmas!).


We had a lovely Early Bird Breakfast with our parents, with parents' information about phonics and sharing our fantastic work back in the classroom.



The Magic Land of Three


In the second half of our Spring term, we have had many more exciting learning opportunities to support your child. Our Topic was The Magic Land of Three where we were learning about traditional tales especially the stories with three animals. E.g. The Three Pigs, The Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have made wanted posters for Goldilocks, rewrite and retell traditional stories and working on reading skills.


For Growth Mindset Day, we had a S.T.E.M. challenge about making a seat for Humpty Dumpty and learnt how to work together with different Mr Men characters. We have since then made some amazing houses to withstand the wolfs wrecking ball!





In History, we learnt about inventors and inventions. It has been fun looking at different forms of transport and making bridges!


In PE we learnt how to send and receive a ball and followed steps to make a dance.






In science we have been learning about different materials and their uses. We thought about which material would be best to keep our bear dry. We talk about waterproofing and talked about reasons for our choices. We have also been looking at the different seasons and how our favourite tree is changing. So far we have observed the tree change from green leaves, to brown, orange and yellow leaves, to no leaves at all!

For Christmas we had a fantastic Christmas Play called ‘Christmas around the world’. The singing was brilliant this year with awesome dancing and clear narrators stealing the show. The costumes added that extra sparkle to our Christmas event so thank you to all of the parents that found or made amazing costumes. We really appreciate your support.