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Pupil's Emotional Welfare

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Emotional Welfare at Nightingale


Whole School Vision

Nightingale Primary School is a safe and nurturing community where the whole child is at the heart of all that we do.  As respectful and respected individuals , all those at Nightingale will promote and set high expectations around the development of life-long learning skills such as resilience, self-belief and adaptability.

Throughout their Nightingale journey, each child, regardless of starting point, will be given the tools to succeed and the inspiration to meet every challenge head on.  Our pupils will be valued, confident, recognise their own value and will be empowered to make a positive impact upon the world in which they reside.


Every child should feel safe and valued.  Through setting high expectations for behaviours, both social and academic, pupils will have the opportunity to build confidence and resilience.  Pupils will be empowered to make progress, take ownership for their learning and behaviour, understanding the ways in which they impact positively on the diverse communities to which they belong.